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Kez is a nice guy who always has your back. He can make anyone smile and will never let you feel alone. Kez is not close with a lot of people but once he trusts you, he will never leave. You only find a Kez once in a lifetime and they are unlike anyone else. He’s one of the greatest friends you could have.
Hey is that Kez over there?

Yeah! He’s such a great guy
by Bam1234567 February 21, 2021
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Strong, funny, and popular. A Makez is a great friend you never want to betray. Can get hurt easily but will always make sure others are okay. You will always see a Makez smiling and making other people laugh. If you are friends with a Makez, you will never regret it.
Hey is that Makez over there?
Yeah! He’s hilarious
by Bam1234567 February 21, 2021
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