Phrase that preceeds anything spoken by Bob Bales III.
John: Hey, Bob, how you livin?

Bob: Oh, dude...I'm livin.
by dilbear May 24, 2004
The response to when someone is telling an interesting story or stating a fact that you dont care about.
- "i just got done masturbating"

- "oh yeah dude?"

- "I just got a new Jeep Grand Cherokee!"

- "oh yeah dude?"
by BxBakesxAxLot June 25, 2010
-Can be used as a greeting.
-Another way to say goodbye, correct, okay, sounds good, etc.
-The only words uttered between bros (must be yelled).
(Pretty much can be said to answer anything)
Brad: Oh a Sah Dude!
Me: Whats up Brad?
by Investigate311#BirdUp April 19, 2019
Craig: yo I just bought a jeep

Jeff: oh sweet dude
by Matthew Dewey December 23, 2016