The art of coming up empty handed after a full nights worth of effort with a lady. Spending the entire night full of conversation, then pillow talk till 5 a.m. without sealing the deal are all symptoms of being keithed.
from female... "He came home with me last night and I was ready to do him, but I got keithed" from male.... " I am going to give this girl a good keithing tonight"
by The Weedler March 21, 2009
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The act of stealing someone else's property, style, persona, or anything you called dibs on first.
Playing halo: "he just Keithed my kill!"
I was about to pull into that parking space, and that guy sped in front of me and keithed it!!
by Briianadon October 31, 2013
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the feeling of almost falling back, after drinking some alcohol, not drunk, almost like tipsy,
by rob June 04, 2003
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