3 definitions by matthew szwec

1)Eager to do something, or someone.
2)Used to describe someone who is ready and willing for sex, anywhere anytime.

1) are you keen for a pizza matt?
joe. do you think she'd go a three-way?
marcus. yeah, she looks pretty keen
by matthew szwec November 1, 2007
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1. Unification of ones forehead with a computer desk as a means to vent frustration, often forceful.

2. An expression used in IM to express ones frustration.
1. Dammit! I hate you vista! Why doesn't this work! *headdesk*

2. 'I tried to log in 3 time, but the servers down *headdesk*'
by matthew szwec August 28, 2007
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1. n. Character found in the book 'Lord of the Rings'. See also Smeagol.

2. n. A person who is very keen for marriage, usually a woman.

3. v. To desire something intensly.
Alice is a nice girl and all but shes a bit of a gollum
I'd gollum a pizza right now.
by matthew szwec November 10, 2007
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