Fans of the University of Auburn, known as eagers because they are confused about what their own mascot is. They scream "War Eagle" even though their mascot is a tiger, and even name their pet bird "Tiger". When you combine an eagle and a tiger, you get an obnoxious eager.
An eager is a person who is obnoxious, jealous, and feels inferior, a person who doesn't root for his/her team, but rather against other teams - especially Big Brother, otherwise known as The University of Alabama. Eager also applies well, since they are so eager to accept the points they are given when a superior team feels sorry for them.
Those Eagers are more annoying than usual. Maybe if they ever win more than 1/2 a national championship they won't feel as inferior to The Crimson Tide.
by Alabama RTR November 30, 2010
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self-obsessed, backstabbing, too excited, overly obsessed with picture
ew that girl is s eager why could she have frinds?
by Brian Jegin September 13, 2007
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Coach Eugene Eager is a legendary high school football coach in the state of Louisiana since 1975. Has won nine state titles and is known for his inspiring speeches and ability to turn boys into men. He loves nudie magazines, free beer, gambling, nudie bars, football, his "smoking hot" wife Tami-Lynn, and causing a general ruckus in the community. He is well known for his catch phrase "GATA!" that is an acronym standing for "Get After Their Asses" which he uses to fire up his players. He is also known for his excessively difficult practices often conditioning his players until they puke or pass out from exhaustion. He will try to win every game by any means necessary and sometimes uses morally questionable techniques in the pursuit of victory. Despite all his success, Coach Eager has remained living at the trailer park he has grown up in down in the bayou of Baton Rouge, Louisiana where he constantly throws wild post-game parties whether his team wins or loses. Although Coach Eager can be a wild man and full of himself at times, he is a legend and well respected in the community.
Player 1: Jesus Christ Coach Eager really isn't going to end practice until everyone of us pukes is he?
Player 2: He's so drunk I don't think he even knows where he is right now, damn he is a real legend, can't wait until the wild bayou party after tomorrow's game!
by HSFootball October 6, 2018
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Someone who wants to keep everybody happy and puts great effort in to it
Jess bought drinks for everyone tonight! I guess she's eager to please.
by Leiamithrandir April 28, 2016
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Someone who is very damn excited/anxious for something, usually resulting in extreme fucking annoyance for the people around them.
Shit, he's such an eager beaver when it comes to getting laid. one day he's gonna cum his pants!
by morningtea April 26, 2007
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(adj) to desire to be cutting edge; to try so hard to be cool that you become uncool.
The way Dave always needed to have people watching his stunts was way too eager edge for me.
by Elizabeth January 21, 2004
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