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anything that is listened to by townies
that so solid crew are a really shit band
by JimmyK September 18, 2003
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Most often, a band of little musical talent or significance whatsoever. Usually, the type of band which your one crazy, musically incompetent friend listens to and rips guitar tab from off the internet in an attempt to impress others who could not tell the difference between a Really Shit Band and the sound of their own head imploding from horrible sounds the rest of us are subjected to.
I kicked Mark in the balls and he sounded like a Really Shit Band.
by Coiked April 13, 2004
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blazin squad
s club 8
these are all fukin shit and need to be lined up against a wall and shot
*im a twat im a twat im a twat*
by louise April 11, 2004
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