To stop, quit, or remove something. Also to get rid of something.
Do you want to keep running that commercial?

Nah, kank it.
by noneyuh November 10, 2007
To get with one or more friends an do alot of drinking.
We are going to kank tonight.
by onemorewave February 9, 2014
to be un- cool or unsweet

fucked up, screwey, unchill,not ordinary
kankable- fuckable
kanked- not cool
kanks- screwy/ intoxicated
by mark & fred August 15, 2006
"Whoa dude, she's a skank and looks kinky!"
"She's a KANK man!"
by kank masta February 24, 2010
Semen, jizz, muck. See also kankface
The sclappherr was so rank she loved kank cocktails. And she wasn't averse to a bit of gipilepsy
by Trevor Coonan January 27, 2004
snorfle is a turtle backround and you need some new cloths for school cause bend. its september on tuesday. neefa
uhh ara she ne ne ne ne ne ne ne ne ne and when i go to band its a cheeta
by Daba August 2, 2004
A typical washed up mid to late 20s woman that smokes a pack of cigarettes in a night out and usually with get with anything when she only has few drinks. Someone that's loud and usually only cares about what's the next adventure and blowing off friends that they made plans with to go drink till 3:00 in the morning. Also someone that can only talks about drama and talks about that dwells over the high school days and starts unnecessary or unwanted drama in a friend group.
John- "what is Becky and Mary doing this weekend"
Mark- "They went to town and kanking it up"
John- "typical kanks fucking up and being stupid this weekend"
by mr lehey October 26, 2020