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Is refered to a person who is outragous in his actions. Usually doesn't remember what happened the night before due to consuming too much alcohol or drugs. Will sometime's get into arguments over things that don't matter resulting in something being punched or verbally attacked. After a late night of drinking will wake up and do the strikeout, or even down the remaing bottle of liquor from the night before.
jon- why are you so angy?
bob- don't question why i am so angry!
ally- jon you have to realize he is just being ne ne ne, were use to this after he consume's that much alcohol and drugs.
by Hair Bear March 31, 2010
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An evil laugh. Usually used by the winning oponent. Also known as |\|3.
Dr Claw: It seems my plans have not been foiled
James Bond: Eh?
Dr Claw: You didnt see the CRABS! NE NE NE
by bigboi31 September 13, 2006
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