A cool alternative, but of course not better than the hindi/urdu word 'guru'.

Its pronounced as cheeta, rather than cheetah (with an h) by mostly Pakistanis and some Indians, to describe how sharp someone is...
Yaar, that bob is such a cheeta coder, I envy his bit-brain.
by Hard2Hit March 12, 2008
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A word used by GYM teachers to describe bad, horrible, or awful things. Must be yelled at a high volume so the person saying it looks like a huge ass.
"Those purple shorts are CHEETA"


by Neal Phillips October 22, 2007
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fat people who think their sexxy when there really not. pethitic people who think they can sing and dance, but can't do anythink to save their fucking life.
that girl emily, shes one of the fatest cheeta girls i've ever seen!
by dude, i did your mom May 13, 2007
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One of those purchaised items which usually ends up miraculously falling apart within a few seconds of use, can be used as an expression.
That mother fucker fell apart like a bar cheeta
by Blob September 23, 2003
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When you smoking some good weed fresh outta the dispenser and it puts you on fuckin Pluto
by ULTIMATE 8 BLOCKER May 3, 2020
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If you call someone a "Fakin Nobs whith cheeta" using only the chatroom as you play a game, the other person will react angry even if he or she is clever enough to understand the obviousness of your wrong grammar.
The expression "Fakin Nobs whith cheeta" is an engineered mean of psychological warfare with the only purpose to upset people who feel pride in winning online games.

1. The dumb person: Will be offended by the accusation of using cheats, while he or she plays fair and square.

2. The cheater: Is clever enough to see fake grammar, but stupid enough to think that winning with the use of cheats was worth anything. By reminding the cheater on the futility of his or her actions, the cheater is confronted with reality, which causes damage to any human brain.

3.The grammar nazi: Will be offended, simply because you are willingly using wrong grammar.

4.The over-analyzer: Will see through all of this, but waste so much energy on doing exactly that, that his or her gameplay looses it's edge.

This device can only generate a slight advantage, but in it's ultimate systematic it will even upset you, as you realize that using it is in fact cheating and you just now went through all four stages yourself.
Progamer43: Lool headshot.
SupaMen123: Faking Nobs whith cheeta
Progamer43: ????
Troll: Why didn't it work?
Zen Master: You wrote fakin Nobs whith cheeta, but you must capitalize the first two words. Only then the total annoyance of Faking Nobs whith cheeta will unfold.
Troll: Stop using that on me!
by Jimmylou March 6, 2015
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