An individual who is addicted to heroin or 'kit' and will do anything in their power to get what they call a hit. Usually betraying friends, stealing from their local Tescos and going out begging with costa cups.
If do not recieve a hit they will have withdrawal symptoms which they call 'rattlin'
Davit: orite jimmy how ya dain?
Jimmy: Am rattlin, am a way to get a tenner bag eh kit, u got any tinfoil?
Davit: naw man, thats why im oot beggin

Passer by: Fucking junkies
by RattlinJunkie January 28, 2011
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A person who injects drugs.
Samantha: Lets go visit Sylvia
Sarah: Isn't she a junkie?
Samantha? So WHAT. The coolest junkie EVA!!!

Junkies are not always lying horrible stealing cheating scheming addicts now, c'mon guys.
by cannibalism_rocks November 12, 2009
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Wife - "Hunny, Jack was smoking cigarettes at an incredibly fast pace and arguing with his wife over the phone."

Husband- "He's addicted to meth hunny- he's a junkie."
by Ronson McJohnson April 27, 2011
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A genitalia selfie. The picture you take of your own junk and send to a person in hopes that they like what they see and become arroused and to to graze on your junk buffet.
I just sent a junkie of my freshly shaven beave to the cutie patootie I met on Tinder in hopes that his own junk becomes tingely, thus leading to our privates coming together as one in a junk mash up.
by deeznuts2475 June 04, 2014
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A person who asks for their next fix anywhere. I mean over the internet on the streets fuck they are so desperate they'll even ask their imaginary friend.
Junkie- hey got any heroin

Me- fuck no

Junkie- hey got any heroin


Junkie- hey got any ............

by Stephen Bier Jr May 09, 2010
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