A hot international playboy. Might look innocent but doesn't even take 0.55 seconds to become a daddy
Jungkook: "Noona, we haven't even started and you're already getting wet?"
by Kookie'sHoe December 14, 2017
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Jungkook, or Jeon Jeongguk, is the youngest member, lead vocalist, and sub-rapper (look in old BTS songs) in BTS. He may be known by he meme Jungshook. He has many nicknames, like Kook Kookie Jungkookie and Golden Maknae (maknae meaning youngest). He was dubbed Golden Maknae due to his amazing singing voice, amazing dancing skills, and basically good in everything. I could write how ARMY loves this big muscular (*ahem* does 240 push-ups a day*ahem*) baby boy but I can't.
ARMY: Jungkook is one of my bias. (don't @ me i don't know how to do a example for kooku kooku)
by lol-bangtan-who June 19, 2018
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the most handsome and beautiful person you'll ever meet. Has a face of a baby but a body of a monster! Voice is angelic and dances smoothly! Very caring and loving boy youll ever meet, realllyyyyy popular, worldwide and adores his fans and his 'brothers' BTS! cute bunny uwu. Once you meet jungkook, youll love him so much sarangaheeeee~~~~
Tzuyu: Jungkook is a cute bunny and have you heard euphoria?
Chaeyoung: yes! i love jungkook and hes my euphoria
by JungkookWifeu October 13, 2019
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Jungkook... is someone who changed my life, my angel. He is the youngest member of BTS.He's the Golden Maknae as there's almost nothing he can't do. He has the most angelic voice that I ever heared. I searched Up 'BTS songs' and their stage performance 'go go' came up. There was this boy, who did a comic entry and stole my attention. I then knew, he's none other than Jeon Jungkook. His voice is something that made me wanted to be like him.

It's been many years since I knew him and he'll forever be my ultimate bias, actually my life. I learned how to love myself just because of him.

He's known as the international playboy, but he's far from being a playboy. He was named that because even if he breathes,he steals millions of hearts,hearts of his fans, his admirers. And once he just said the word and everyone started calling him that. But in real, he's a pure soul and has a golden heart. He's someone who's shy at first, but when you become closer to him, he'll be really friendly and will do anything for you. He picks on his hyungs,but inside, he loves them a lot. He's the cutest guy ever on earth.Sometimes,he wants to be manly, cuz he thinks that his fans like the manly side of him more and that's true tho. But for me, the real Jungkook is the best, the pure, confident, lively One who respect girls and elders. Time will say how he will end up, for me, he'll always be a kid inside and little bit manly outside, he'll always be a pure guy.
"He makes me laugh
He makes me cry
He makes me shook
And taught me how to survive
Hours and hours,

At Whom I look,

Is none other than
My angel, Jeon Jungkook"
by Krisha Dwipta October 8, 2019
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The hottest fucking boy. That wreck your GODDAM BIAS list. Even do you don’t fuck w him he fucks a u. (Hardcore) :)
Jungkook-“Noon...a I like it
by AyyyItsJUNGKOOK June 29, 2018
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