Jungkook is one of T H E B E S T people to E X I S T. He is very talented and he is an actual living bunny, he looks so soft and fluffy, i just want to wrap him up in a bunch of fluffy blankets and protect him. He tries so hard and gives everything his best, he deserves everything, everything he works for, just everything. He is very respectful and is also an international playboy ;))))))

Is full name is Jeon Jeong-Guk ( 전정국 ) and his birthday is the first of September 1997, his zodiac sign is a Virgo and he was born in Busan, south Korea. He is 5'10" and his bloodtype is A ( I know this is useless information but why not )
He has a mother, father and an older brother. Jungkook is also really good at cooking, his favourite food is everything with a flavour. He is the maknae of the best and amazing band BTS.
" When you guys partied, i gave up sleep for my dreams " - Jungkook
He is very inspirational and he is a very forgiving person who cares for everyone, when another member is down, he will help bring them back up.

He has a habit where he sniffles a lot because of his rhinitis. He also wriggles his fingers a lot

In the end
He is the best person
He will always run towards his dreams and he will never give up, he focuses on his goal and how he is going to get there
by JeonTheKookieJK February 13, 2018
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Jungkook- a boy who can't and won't stop being beautiful/cute/pretty/hot.
"Woah! look at jungkook next to taehyung he's so cute
by Kookiekikkie August 12, 2017
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Jungkook is the maknae of the Kpop group BTS. He is very sweet and is a literal bunny. His smile is cute and he eats like a bunny. He is cute and manly at the same time. He has killer six pack abs that kill armies. He has the voice of an angel. Jungkook has many hit singles like Euphoria and begin. Jungkook cares very dearly about his other members in BTS, as he says seeing them in pain makes him be in pain. He is also a living meme. Jungkook became the most iconic BTS meme called Jungshook.
by Jungkookstan April 16, 2019
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The guy that stole every girls heart. The guy that has crazy fans. The guy that should be every girls oppa. The guy that has millions of nicknames for no reason.
Jeon Jungkook, Jungkook, Jungkookie, Kookie, Oppa, JK, JJK, Jung-guk, Jungcock, Bunny, kook, Jungkook-ah, etc.
by Kookies Wifeu February 22, 2019
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Jeon Jeong-guk - best known by his stage name Jungkook - is the main vocalist, lead dancer, sub rapper, center and maknae ( = youngest member) of the South Korean boy group called BTS (Bangtan Sonyeondan).

Also known as the golden maknae - a name given to Jungkook by the other group members for being good at everything he does.
Jungkook is such a great vocalist
by Bubblegumkrock April 30, 2019
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