that annoying little shit from bts that I somehow love with every fiber in my body

Me: you little- ugh I love you..
by jungSHOOKie February 1, 2018
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youngest in bts and the nation's baby.
jungkook is a sub.
by lil uwuzi-san July 22, 2018
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the embodiment of the word gentle.
(is probably an angel too)
jungkook said he misses army :(
by cuddledkoo September 18, 2020
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the most CUTE man alive. ever. he thinks he is a bunny. the golden maknae of #BTS (stan bts)
who's your bts bias?

jungkook, obviously
by snap; @crystal0712x June 22, 2019
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BTS' "golden maknae" since he knows everything. when i mean everything, i mean EVERY SINGLE THING.

believes he's an international playboy. but really, he too scared of talking and getting near girls.

also a boyfriend material cutie who has an angelic voice.
BTS: plays dance dance revolution
Rap Monster: ah finally something Jungkook can't do !
by EOMMASEOKJIN April 21, 2017
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This boy is smart, kind, nice, helper, good at drawing, handsome, hot and really good looking. He knows how to take care of himself and others around him. He is really sweat. Good at doing what he likes to do and really really talented. Jungkook likes to drow, sing, dance. Knows how to respect the older peoples then him. People that knows him they really like him and they wants to be with him. Jungkook is really friendly and a lot of girls love's him.
I want to be with Jungkook.
by Planet May 13, 2017
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