A member of Kpop group, Twice. The peak of human evolution. The beautiful, multilingual queen of taiwan.
by jihyolover444 February 7, 2018
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Chou Tzuyu is a girl from a Korean girl group known as TWICE formed by JYP entertainment.
My bais in TWICE is Tzuyu
by Jimins lost jams February 3, 2019
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Chou Tzu-yu (born June 14, 1999), known as Tzuyu, is a Taiwanese singer based in South Korea and member of the K-pop girl group Twice, formed under JYP Entertainment.

In 2015, a televised appearance in South Korea in which she was shown holding the Republic of China flag sparked a controversy in China. A video of Tzuyu apologising for the incident, subsequently released by JYP Entertainment on January 15, 2016, sparked further outrage in Taiwan.
by jennie kim December 26, 2016
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Someone that is literally better than you. Perfection. Beautiful unlike you
Tzuyu’s skirt is so cute!
by Ryujinfx😋 February 9, 2021
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Tzuyu is synonymous to beautiful, pretty, gorgeous etc. Tzuyu is a Taiwanese member of South Korea's National girlgroup TWICE. She's so pretty to the point that every pretty girl knetz see looks like her.
Oh look at that girl, she looks like Tzuyu.

That little girl is so pretty, she looks like Tzuyu.
by JustATzuyuStan July 9, 2018
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Twice Arena's Tzuyu is the most pretty visual! #freshkiwitzuyu
Twice Arena's Tzuyu is one of a kind! We love her so much.
by xelancholy October 4, 2021
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Someone who is and always will be better and prettier than you. Synonym for perfect, beautiful, talented
tzuyu is so amazing!
by mimimu July 4, 2023
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