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Military Abbrevation for Commando
by Sho August 14, 2003
1. this word is usually mistaken for the word bequeath. But some people use the word pervertedly when heard in an educational visual presentation of early Egyptian architecture.

2. the word queef with be on the front.
1. His wife bequeefed a hammer to me.

2. Jimmy bequeefed a salt packet from my lunch tray.
by Sho February 3, 2004
You saw the new jumpmans yet those shits is fire.
by Sho March 26, 2005
A person able to see through walls
-Omg Pete, how did you now that I was around the corner trying to scare the shit out of you?
-Damn Irma, don't you know that I'm a Venz ?
-AH, damnit !><
by Sho April 7, 2003