3 definitions by hellafucked

Person 1: Aye, where jumpman?
Person 2: Hell if I know, man.
by hellafucked January 2, 2017
A cumsicle can be defined in many different ways. For example, fuckboy, dick chode, fuck ass, and cumtart supreme. A cumsicle is basically a (usually heterosexual) male who lives on being a giant fucking prick.

How to spot a cumsicle:
Can't draw dicks for shit
Lil dick mf
Acts like he's better than everyone
Has a cracked iPhone

Wears nothing buy Nike
Person 1: You little fucking cumsicle!
Person 2: lmao you know you love me though babe
by hellafucked November 23, 2016
A person of the male gender who basically lives to fuck. A fuckboy will fuck you and then never talk to you again, other than maybe to screw for a 2nd time.

Frequently used:
; )
Send pics
Hey babe

Adds "420 it's lit asf nigga" in his instagram bio even though he's never seen weed in his entire life.

All in all, a sad fucker who's soul purpose in life is to fuck and make other's miserable.
Person 1: Did you hear about Seth and Hannah?
Person 2: Yeah, he's a total fuckboy.
by hellafucked November 22, 2016