Noun: A female companion whom you purchase astronomicaly high priced non- alcoholic beverages, ie "juice". Will sit and converse with you in a bar. For another fee "bar fine" you are entitled to a "happy ending" or "full service". These establishments are usually found in South East Asia.
"I heard Joe met this Juicy girl last week and got a bonus after his happy ending."
by Stangdriver42 May 3, 2005
1. Adj; to descibe a female that is chubby. and/or to describe a female who has a nice, full, round booty.

2. Adj; to describe a girl that wears Juicy Couture brand clothing.

Also the company Juicy Couture has "Juicy Girl" as their trademark. The word's "Juicy" can be seen on trackpants by Juicy Couture and shirts that say "Juicy Girl" as well.
1. Damnnnnnnn look at that juicy girl, she's so thick and her booty is so round.

2. Look at this girl with her new Juicy Couture outfit, she's such a Juicy Girl.
by Miss_Kay July 13, 2006
A cock-craved cum dumpster that will take an American soldier's entire paycheck on payday by making them spend ridiculous amounts of money on mildly alcoholic beverages. Usually found in S. Korea, the Juicy girl is imported from the Philippines and will tell stories of how she was 'tricked' into the job, but takes "vacations" back home and come back to rob more American soldiers without anything on her conscience.
"Hey dude, where were you last night?"

"I was out with my new juicy girl. This bitch is HOT!"

"Really? How much you spend?"

"Only $500 so far."

"Does it itch yet?"

"No, but I am getting a few blisters."

"That blows. Hope you didn't knock her up."

"I'm not worried. If she has a kid I'll just marry her and let the Army pay for everything."

"...f*ing idiot...."
by genericPFC June 12, 2008
Cheap Asian prostitutes who inhabit bars located near U.S. military bases in Asia. Most juicy girls are Filipino, but may be from any country in the Asia/Pacific. Juicy Girls are known for transferring STDs and tricking young naive military members into marrying them.
They were having a sale at the Juicy Bar last night. If you buy one Juicy girl for $2, then you get the other juicy girl for a penny!
by Chico Blacklung November 26, 2010
White girl with a wide ass and a tight coochie
I seen the juicy white girl in the club and she was thick as hell
by Sjxo November 20, 2016
When a girl is wet horny but she doesn't have a man or a dildo so she fingers herself and watches porn 😏
girl imma call you back i'm a juicy girl rn (right now) .
by 😂🤤🤢 February 1, 2021