1 definition by genericPFC

A cock-craved cum dumpster that will take an American soldier's entire paycheck on payday by making them spend ridiculous amounts of money on mildly alcoholic beverages. Usually found in S. Korea, the Juicy girl is imported from the Philippines and will tell stories of how she was 'tricked' into the job, but takes "vacations" back home and come back to rob more American soldiers without anything on her conscience.
"Hey dude, where were you last night?"

"I was out with my new juicy girl. This bitch is HOT!"

"Really? How much you spend?"

"Only $500 so far."

"Does it itch yet?"

"No, but I am getting a few blisters."

"That blows. Hope you didn't knock her up."

"I'm not worried. If she has a kid I'll just marry her and let the Army pay for everything."

"...f*ing idiot...."
by genericPFC June 12, 2008