6 definitions by Chico Blacklung

1. When you are frustrated, when you feel like the world is over, when something good happens...it brings a warm fuzzy feeling. Therefore, the only thing left in this world left to say is, Cheetahs and Jet skis.

2. The literal definition would be a wild carnivorous cat and mini boats.
1. So, I was fired from my job today but whatever, cheetahs and jet skis.

2. Savana: I found new headphones.
James: Cheetahs and jet skis boo boo.

3. Gay: Oh my goodness, oh my goodness, oh my goodness guys, can you believe it? At the beach house there are Cheetahs and jet skis. Oh my GOSH, I love cheetahs and jet skis.

Everyone else: hahaha cheetahs and jet skis.
by Chico Blacklung January 7, 2011
The decision to shake someone's hand after a Sticky Moment. Shaking someone's hand before you wash them after masturbating. Normally, hands still have semen, cum, lotion or lube on them.
I already didn't shake his hand the last time I had a Sticky Moment so this time I said fuck it and gave him a Sticky Shake.

Friend1: What's up, man (shakes hands w/Friend2)
Friend2: How do my kids feel bitch! Do you like Sticky Shakes! Got ya bitch!
Friend1: Aw man, you're fucking gross!
by Chico Blacklung December 14, 2010
This is the moment after masturbating, you go outside to smoke a cigarette or something else without washing your hands and someone usually a friend approaches you wanting to give you a hand shake. The sticky moment is the dilemma between shaking his hand or choosing not too. A sticky moment can lead to the sticky shake.
Friend1: What's up homey? (attempts to shake hands)
Friend2: Nah dog, you almost ended up on the wrong end of a sticky moment.
Friend1: Wash your hands you bastard!
by Chico Blacklung December 14, 2010
Swained-(V, past tense) When someone gets you in trouble and then acts like you are friends afterward.
Kevin: Can you believe this shit? This dude snitched on me, then I lost my job, now he's trying to hang out after we get off work.

Randall: Oh shit man, he swained you like that. damn son.
James: WHY the FUCK did you fall asleep at work?
Ezell: I was tired.
James: Wrong Answer. Now you gotta hold my pocket until we done here...but after that, we can go get some beers later and bullshit.
Ezell: I don't want any beers, I ain't being swained like that homie.
by Chico Blacklung January 7, 2011
Cheap Asian prostitutes who inhabit bars located near U.S. military bases in Asia. Most juicy girls are Filipino, but may be from any country in the Asia/Pacific. Juicy Girls are known for transferring STDs and tricking young naive military members into marrying them.
They were having a sale at the Juicy Bar last night. If you buy one Juicy girl for $2, then you get the other juicy girl for a penny!
by Chico Blacklung November 26, 2010
A trip to a ghetto or hood from anyone who doesn't live there but needs something from the hood. I.E. to get drugs, or liquor.
Ray: Liquor stores aren't open on Sundays in Baltimore.
Cab Driver: We got one in the neighborhood.
Ray (Speaking to the others): I guess we're going on a hood trip. Don't act up or I'll leave you there.
by Chico Blacklung April 15, 2011