A slang term for breasts. Also spelled "jugs"
Woman in elevator: "Everyone here is so nice to me."
Fletcher: "That's because you have big juggs!"
by BlastMaster May 25, 2003
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Swedish slang term for a person from former Yugoslavia.
Yo, Jugge. I didn't recognize you clean-shaven.

Jugge is from Serbia. Look, he has a dozen of shirts saying that.
by P-san July 29, 2006
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The best skin, porn, wank, jackoff, etc. magazine ever. Features oldies, preggos, bbw's, black, asian, latinas, milkers, and many other types of women. AKA The Dirtiest Tit Mag in the World.
I got 10 back issues of Juggs and my balls were aching for two days after my jackof festival.
by Fred Krinkle February 14, 2007
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long trips, OR deals generally involving running drugs from one area to another, speeding down the interstate late at night.

most popular in Atlanta, and Cleveland
"making Juggs on the highway" -gucci mane

"got pulled over on the way home, used to make juggs off a payphone" - 2chainz
by stockshark December 10, 2017
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From Lil Boosie: The Only Time She Need A Mang For That Good Jugg
by Josie90 May 9, 2008
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to poke, stab, or penetrate force to the body with a foreign object such as a knife, pencil, or stick
Man, that fool said he gone jugg me with a knife.
by Ali Thompson September 13, 2007
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