A time when a nigga is about to steal whatever isn’t bolted to the floor. Jugg season can be used to describe either one jugg or a string of juggs.
Aye B them white niggaz goin on vacation tomorrow bruh, jugg season.

Side bih had a twenty layin around nigga it was jugg season.
by TheRealistNGM January 30, 2018
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1. Jug walking also known as jug walking is when you are walking and your pants sag because you got so much dope and drugs in your pockets.

2. To walk with a swagger, like you that nigga or jit
1. Had the dope on me so I'm Jugg Walking not equivalent to fucking moonwalking.
2. She like the way I walk, she like the way I talk, she said it's really nice she like my Jugg Walk.
by Javerious some call me Sosa November 22, 2019
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very large, milk-filled breasts usually resulting from a woman being pregnant or having recently given birth
Jack, "Yo, my girl squirted me last night".
Will, "What the fuck are you talking about?".
Jack, "Yeah, she was riding my dick and her milk juggs leaked in my face".
Will, "Nice".
by jpsnowman2 October 23, 2009
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a jugg edior is someone who makes stupid anime edits on their stupid phone
@swexing is a garbage jugg editor and @fukharle is better then him because he is a cool man
by notfukharledefinently January 28, 2021
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