A slang term for women breast.
Hey Deny, Did you noticed juggs of new comer Tania? I like her damn shape.
by Vick Ch. March 14, 2007
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Jugg- a person who is addicted to opiates and or cocaine/crack
Usually attaining their fix by mainline/banging the drug of choice.
Example. "Dont trust evan with that money, He's such a jugg he'll steal it so he can get his fix"

Another Exp. "Bro, rochelle is such a jugg! Did you see her track marks?
by malelebell January 6, 2014
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To hustle or work;
To make money in any type of way you find possible.
That nigga pooder been on here on his jugg.

Them niggas over there don’t do nothing but jugg all day 24/7.
by KashJG August 26, 2019
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To steal or rob
"That nigga Alex stay juggin these niggas."

Term mostly used in Atlanta area.

Jugg-man refers to the thief or person who made the jugg.

Ex: Rob: "I heard Dakota got jugged."

Tom: "Yeah, and you'll never guess who the jugg-man was."
by jesserivers November 17, 2012
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To take something from someone by tricking them.
Tom: where u get that watch?
Ethan: oh i jugged ole girl down the street for it.
by nSleaze May 20, 2015
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Tities so fuking big that they hurt the girl they are a part of. The girl has massive stretch marks on them because they are so damn big. Juggs are tits so big that even the largest cock in the world would get lost in them when performing a titty fuck!
by fockerf October 2, 2003
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