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The act of motorboating an ass, violently and with great enthusiasm. First coined in a B-Hut in Bagram Afghanistan. Can be used interchangeably with Chaking.
by EGarcia July 29, 2013
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The verb in which one is on a higher level, surpassing his/her opponent with style and grace. Usually associated with video games. Complete state of Awesomeness.
Damn man, Gabe is jucking you up SO bad.
by Gabriel Dolecal February 21, 2007
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the behaviour of Juck, also called Jamblin, in which he says "JUCKJUCKJUCKJUCKJUCK..." in your face
Jamblin: Juck Juck Juck
Stephen: stop jucking
by Stephen "Duck" Campbell December 12, 2007
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