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French abreviation for "J'en peux plus". It can actually have different meanings. It could be used to express big laughs or in contrary exasperation.
guy1 : "Yesterday I almost killed a black guy with my car..."
guy2 : "JPP LOOL"

girl1 : "God, my boss won't stop to ask me for a blowjob, JPP"
by tigii September 17, 2008
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An African American boy who is very ashy, has very large lips and is often spotted with the special ed kids at school.

( also stands for Juicy Plump Pussy)
by CurryMcFlurry69 November 20, 2016
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an acronym for Jewish Persian Pride

Commonly used to show ownership over lesser poeple such as sefeeds
JPP 4ever (no joke)!!!!
by jerome May 07, 2005
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