gre is anything you want. i think gre is arguable the best word known to man but some people disagree cause there annoying - we call the people anti gre.
frankie: fin is a gre
fin: 👳🏿 ♂️
leah: gre
by the gre August 3, 2019
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Graduate Record Examination which is an entrance exam to graduate school. This test is designed by a group of malevolent pedagogues who seem to think that just because we do not use words such as obsequious or pusillanimous in our everyday speech means we would certainly not be a qualified graduate student. It also tests math skills learned anywhere from 5-10 years ago in the quantitative section since we all have committed that geometry into our long term memory it shouldn't be a problem RIGHT!
Person 1: Dude I have been learning 300 words a day for the GRE I know I'm going to do GREAT!
Person 2: Man I changed my major because I could never get high enough on that damn GRE.
Person 1: (the next day) Man I still only got a 390 on verbal how the hell does this happen I'm never going to get into grad school!
by Crystal K November 15, 2007
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Global Relief Effort (GRE) is a fictional antagonistic humanitarian organization in the game Dying Light
"Since 2002 we trust in our ability to help the entire mankind"

GRE Slogan
by S.W.A.T team March 17, 2020
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Greatly Ridiculous Exam, required for admission to grad school

It features essay similarity detection
The GRE is kind of like the SAT only even more evil and more expensive

A. George Bush is the man
B. George Bush is an evil, evil man

WARNING: SIMILARITY DETECTED!!!! "George Bush is... man"
by Angelino August 7, 2007
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Graduate Record Examination.
Also Grim Rectum Examination for very many takers because of the verbal part in it.
Dude: I took the GRE today and it was like getting my anoos poked and examined!
Gay dude:oooh thats my type of exam...

by krzn October 20, 2008
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Graduate Record Examination. Yeah, even if you're done with high school, the Collegeboard will still torment you with the GRE if you want to get into graduate school. While the main GRE test is very similar to the SAT, there are also subject-based GRE tests. For inexplicable reasons, most graduate schools still require them even though research and GPA are FAR MORE IMPORTANT.
Grrr, Marie has to take the GRE Saturday instead of admiring the Schrodinger equation.
by inquilinekea June 24, 2005
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1.Graduate Record Examination
2.God Reading English
A:dude, i got only 1000 on gre
B: hey dude, you know what, that's gre
by halfcigarette August 30, 2008
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