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Having a girl stick a dildo up your ass while you fuck her in the mouth and then when you are about to come you turn around pull out the dildo and spray explosive diarhea all over her face. This is usually followed by licking the shit off her forehead before cuddling and falling to sleep.
Holy crap! When Jose told me that story about how he likes to joyner chicks, it made me so horny that i punched myself in the face!!!!!!!!
by Pennis the Menace March 21, 2007
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Another name for hard on homosexual. A Joyner usually has huge boobs for a guy. They play the french horn but suck at it. Most have curly hair and a face that always makes them look constipated. They have a high voice too. They may seem nice but will stab you in the back eventually.
Jeanie: Hey remember when we glued maxi pads to Joyner's car?
John: I so totally do!
Jeanie: Im glad he got use out of them though...
by awesomeness09765321 November 29, 2011
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