Having a girl stick a dildo up your ass while you fuck her in the mouth and then when you are about to come you turn around pull out the dildo and spray explosive diarhea all over her face. This is usually followed by licking the shit off her forehead before cuddling and falling to sleep.
Holy crap! When Jose told me that story about how he likes to joyner chicks, it made me so horny that i punched myself in the face!!!!!!!!
by Pennis the Menace March 21, 2007
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Another name for hard on homosexual. A Joyner usually has huge boobs for a guy. They play the french horn but suck at it. Most have curly hair and a face that always makes them look constipated. They have a high voice too. They may seem nice but will stab you in the back eventually.
Jeanie: Hey remember when we glued maxi pads to Joyner's car?
John: I so totally do!
Jeanie: Im glad he got use out of them though...
by awesomeness09765321 November 30, 2011
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The most perfect man in existence. Will make you physically hurt from laughing so much but his beautiful face and smile makes up for it.
Who’s that beautiful man?
owen joyner
by s.sos.jatp January 4, 2021
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A rapper from Worcester, Massachussets. He is a lyrical genius and disses all mumble rappers. He is extremely underrated.
Joyner Lucas is the best lyrical rapper ever born!
by Over9563 January 2, 2018
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A slightly balding, chubby Afro American rapper who can smash a track like a pinata or Eat it like fries. He makes Logic scared shitless because of sheer talent.
Nigga 1: You going to Joyner Lucas concert tomorrow?
Nigga 2: Hell yeah, that shit be the bomb
by Cigo the god September 6, 2018
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Most amazing, talented, and kind person ever. Makes for the PERFECT boyfriend/husband. Henry Joyner will never turn their back on you and will always be the greatest friend you could ask for.
Wow, that Henry Joyner is so kind!
by starcasm November 13, 2011
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A hatchet concealed in a plastic or paper grocery bag. Usually carried in public by little old ladies for protection from neighborhood criminals. Named after May, the first and only elderly person to reveal this neat trick to me.
Trying to steal Mrs. May's purse will only get you a Joyner surprise.
by Donavon L. November 29, 2007
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