Quite possibly the dumbest phrase ever. As if there could, in some other scenario, be some unknown third outcome other than the aforementioned two.
Person: "He's going to be accepted into Yale."

Moron: "That may or may not be the case."
by Skelington December 30, 2004
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This is a person that is beautiful inside and out. May tends to be shy when you first meet her but when you get to know her, she starts showing her true colours! In addition to this, she is hard-working and is the most resilient and bravest person you'll ever meet. Mays are mostly the cutest out of the crowd and she'll always brighten up your day. She is very passionate and competitive when it comes to competitions and she will always be their for you, go and know a May!
Person 1: Who's that? She's so gorgeous!

Person 2: Oh, that's May! She is isn't she,
by cutelove280 February 28, 2018
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May, a very beautiful girl with a strong character. She is very kind, helpful and attentive. She can make any day better. She has a good sense of humor. If you are one of her friends, you are very lucky and if you are her boyfriend thene you are really really lucky. She is really romantic and you can spend hours talking to her without getting bored
What's that shining in the street?
Ooh it's May!
by ?????????????????? May 31, 2020
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Usually an Asian girl from Vietnam that is beautiful, hott, and everyone loves to be around her. Most likely she was name after the gorgeous Mai flower blossom. She knows everyone and everyone know her. She's a simple person to understand and can always be caught in a lie. Always easy to forgive and doesn't like to hold grudges because she has a somewhat positive outlook on life. Mai LOVES to LAUGH and makes the people around her laugh. She has her dreams and goals even though she might not share them, because she is shy about certain topics. Mai wants to find a true wonderful love one day and will not be fully satisfied with her life until she has found that. You will often find Mai to be a bit of a flirt because it comes naturally to her even if she doesn't have feelings for that person. She always wants what she cant have and in the end will eventually get what she wants.
Boy: I really like Mai, shes so fun to talk to
Boy2: I know shes pretty cute man, you should ask her out
by gnusmas114 March 5, 2013
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A girl who is usually quiet, but if you become closer to her she can be real strange(in a good way). She is probably one of the nicest people you'll ever meet and you can always depend on her. And even though life is full of hardships, she still goes through it with a smile on her face. She is admirable, kind, and strong and anyone would be lucky to have her as a friend.
some boy: That girl is so sweet, I think I'll get to know her better.

Mai's best friend: That girl happens to be my best friend, Mai, and she's not allowed to have a boyfriend until she's married.

some boy: What? Says who?

Mai's best friend: SAYS ME! /strangles the boy
by chennipheerz August 19, 2013
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May is a kind, funny, and a very intelligent girl. A lot of the time she's insensitive to people around her and her surroundings. She can be stubborn and she gets moody/upset very easily. But if u get to know her well she's very creative and makes you smile and laugh. She is one of the most amazing people you could have as a friend but time to time she might get frustrating and may seem bossy. She gets jealous very easily because she cares about a lot of her friends.
She is so May
by p¡nk May 28, 2017
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