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Jotter (n): a ginger otter. Pronounced "hotter" in Spanglish, cuz they are.
Mikala: Tyler, what are you?
Tyler: What?
Mikala: Like are you a bear or an otter?
Tyler: I'M A DUDEFUCKING JOTTER!!!!!!!!!!!

dude1: yeah dude, i totes fucked this rly hot jotter last night.
dude2: did the curtains match...?
dude1: obvs. i got red all over his red. jotters are the sexiest.

Advice: Jotters DO have souls! Do not mistake the jotter for a fat ginger, nor joke about their lack of soul or growing up into red bears. They will fuck you up.
by betch.deck August 21, 2011
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What the North-East of Scotland people call a book for writing in.
English person: I forgot my book

Scottish person: I forgot my jotter
by inamish May 04, 2018
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