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1. A female who appears to be attractive from a distance but is in fact unattractive when viewed closely
2. A female with an attractive body but an unattractive face
3. A female who looks attractive from behind but is unattractive from the front
Jack's sister is a scud!
by logos9000 November 15, 2002
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1. In the nude, naked. adj, scuddy.
2. To slap, especialy about the head.
Both Scots defenitions.
1. Check that oot, shes in the scud!
2. Stop yer carry on, or I'll give ye a scud aff the heed.
by Mark Harper March 09, 2005
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Scud is a Soviet made ballistic missile which Iraq used alot against Iran and American forces.The missile was originally designed to carry a 100-kiloton nuclear warhead or a 2,000 pound conventional warhead, with ranges from 100 to 180 miles.
The scud can be intercepted by a Mobile SAM like the Patriot.
by John Smith February 14, 2004
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An incredibly unlucky person. Usually used in the world of sports betting to describe one who, simply by their presence, can cause a seemingly certain bet to be beaten
Agh!!! I've just lost my child support money because of you, you fucking scud
by kopite November 28, 2007
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A slang term used primarily as a greeting for "What's good" but other meanings may be interpreted. Usually said to a close friend or group of friends.
(Walking up to a group of friends.)

by Posner October 06, 2008
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Form of the acronym for Sorority Cum Dumpster, as it is .

A sorority girl, often of the gold-digging ilk, who is relatively promiscuous, regardless of possible public representations to the contrary. A creature, though not uniquely indigenous to The University of Alabama and Ole Miss, occurs at those institutions in enormous quantities.

SEE ALSO: S.C.D., Sorostitute
Yeah, she's hot, but I'd rather go out with a girl a point lower on the 10-point scale than deal with another SCUD.
by Sidney G.D.I. Rutledge September 23, 2003
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