An upper-middle class preppy, country clubbing, New England town outside of Springfield, MA. Longmeadow is competitive, but not snobby. In Longmeadow, pee-wee lacrosse is more important than pee-wee soccer. Longmeadow parents drive BMW's, Audi's and Mercedes. Longmeadow families vacation in Vermont, Cape Cod and Nantucket. Longmeadow youth epitomize the preppy deadhead style, whereby a ripped bleached out polo shirt is fine, as long as the collar is worn up. LL Bean Bulcher mocs, or worn out penny loafers are a good look. Messy hair and boxer shorts tie in to the casual preppy look. Labels are very important. J.C. Penny knock offs are grounds for school bullying. Longmeadow's public schools are more like private prep schools. Longmeadow is sarcastically referred to as "the ghetto". Longmeadow kids grow up with a strong motivation for material success. Longmeadow is not to be confused with East Longmeadow. It is not uncommon to find a new Porsche in the L.H.S. student parking lot.
There is only one Longmeadow. It is the wealthiest town in Western Massachusetts.
by Fuzzwuzzy March 10, 2005
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A Suburb of Springfield, MA. One of the most affluent in Western Massachusetts. The schools are excellent. The athletic department in the high school is excellent. However, the music program is far better. The only reason people move to Longmeadow is for the school system. Due to the supposedly excellent school system, some people can get into Ivy League schools even if they have the IQ of a bumblebee. Typically a resident, known as a Longmeadowite is to wear a female colored polo with a popped collar if male, and uggs if female. The most popular cars in the area tend to be Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Volvo, and lots of minivans. Everything is centered towards the high school. Pee-Wee Lacrosse here is taken more seriously than Pee-Wee Soccer. The town is reportedly 40 percent Jewish.
Longmeadow is south of Springfield, MA, West of East Longmeadow, North of Enfield, East of Agawam.
by Quince-Daddy-Payne July 17, 2009
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Longmeadow is located outside of Springfield, Mass. and is widely held as one of the most affluent towns in Western Mass, if not all of Massachusetts. Longmeadow has an amazing public school system, outstanding atheletics, and an even better music program:) No public school in Western Mass can compare to the highest average score on MCAS (In Longmeadow) or to the constantly winning sports teams, and choral ensembles. Longmeadow is not snobby, and there are not THAT many McMansions... Its annoying to the residents of Longmeadow that they are viewed as snobby for having money, and pushing their children to succeed in their lives.
Many expensive clothing stores and restaurants can be found in Longmeadow
by WHOOOOOOOO!!!! September 21, 2008
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A small town in western massachusetts, little known geogrpahy-wise but moreso for it's excellent school/athlectic/music programs. I happen to live here, and all you bitches need to get it through your heads that we are not all snobs. My parents own two hondas, we live in a decent house, i buy my clothes at aeropostale and hot topic and i have never owned a piece of abercrombie clothing or worna pair of uggs in my life. and polos are for fags. Sure, some of the girls are prissy and stuck up, but the majority of the are pretty cool. The gap we have is gay, I would never shop there in my life. We have a friendly's and some old lady stores. and a starbucks. And, oh, by the way, I think east longmeadow is just the same as any other town in our country. We are welcoming of every race, mind you.
"I heard Longmeadow is really snobby"

Actually, it's a pretty cool place. we're nice people. open your eyes.
by onthebrightsidecantstandit September 21, 2010
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Longmeadow is pretty much perfect although the people that live there don't want you to know it. It has virtually no crime except for car beak-ins. The schools are awesome. The parents are involved with most activities both physically and financially. Yes, there are a few snobs, but what town has ALL perfect people?!?! The people are a close community that are focused on family. There are tons of kids everywhere! It is a quintessential New England town.
"Longmeadow has a reputation of being snobby."
"Longmeadow is pretty perfect!"
by Rkbrkb May 3, 2016
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A rich town filled with snobby coke heads, rich overprivelaged brats, and uppity rich white bigots. Not lgbt friendly, hates change, and if you dont have money dont bother coming here. Especially if you're a minority!
Hey kevin wanna piss away money?
Yeah Brad get me some of that baking soda from longmeadow.
You dont want real white gurl?
No my daddy pays my Bills!
by Bigboiifatlog November 4, 2018
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Longmeadow is a wealthy small town in massachusetts, right outside springfield. Im Longmeadow, there is no ice cream trucks and no fast food restoraunts for the fear that they mey attract the "wrong people." longmeadow is a nice town for white jews and catholics to gather. Blacks and porto ricans are given dirty looks. all the houses in longmeadow are absolutley beautiful, with cars such as BMW'S Mustangs Audi's Mercedes Lamborgini's etc. they do have a town pool (admission 9 dollars) It is a very rich town that sells small starbucks coffe's for 4 dollars. the shopping center is a greta place for the preppy youth to hang out. if you shop at salvationa army, ur not cool. Longmeadow kids are spoiled brats with all the finest clothes and electronics. Longmeaodw kids were wierd things such as, leggings, Uggs with socks, overley destressed jeans, north faces and double (and triple) poppeed collars. everyone has personalized backpack and bimders for every subject.
Like omg! you totally just spilled coke on my double popped collar my longmeadow daddy will be furious!!
by CocoaCutie99998 August 6, 2006
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