the stimulation of one's genitals, masturbation, to achieve an orgasm.
I went to the bushes to jot

He jotted three times today

I was busy jotting

I jotted in her eye
by Calahan April 3, 2007
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This describes a female that is a top tier hoe and will literally do anything with anyone, also any time and place with no effort from you.
Chad If you want to lose your virginity you gotta find a jot bro!
by Chrispies March 14, 2019
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Someone who is husband material. Someone who has the goods you want. For extreme husband qualities say JOT.
Damn he's such a Jot.
by BlindApe April 3, 2018
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German translation of J as in Joint used in public places for discretion.
Hey Gab, did you pack the Jot we wanted to smoke?
by MCJ-Man November 28, 2016
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Johnny On The $pot
Established August 30th, 2001, JOT$ is a family of elite gamers who dominate across multiple platforms and genres. The thread that ties us together is our unequivocal love of gaming. The hallmarks of JOT$ are strength, loyalty and ruthlessness.
JOT$ Lilkilla Just pwned me .

Oh no JOT$ are on the way let's get out of here .

Those JOT$ guy's rock , i wanna Join there clan !?!?
by Chris Vannote aka LILkilla February 27, 2008
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Just One Thing. A type of guy used solely for a one-night-stand; use and discard as needed.

JOTs are plentiful and disposable, and can be a great fuck, but there's always one big thing that makes them undatable in the long term.

(Mama's boy, obsessed with video games/star wars, no car, posts fish pics on insta, boring, dumb, etc.)
Rachel: Ended it with Ryan.

Monica: Girl, you need a JOT.

Rachel: Yasssss, Queen- I'ma Hinge it.
by Pesto_person November 23, 2019
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