To move through a crowd fondling the breasts, vagina and/or butt of any girl who is in the way.
"That man is so irked he is going to jostle half the women in SoHo!"
by Manji5 November 11, 2009
When two people meet in a hall way, and are not able to surpass one another, they do an awkward motion to figure out which way the other will go. One must stand still, and let the other surpass.
... wow that was awkward...
by ariana samani September 10, 2006
to give a swift rogering, jolt, bump. Usually associated with a woman and her shaking the dice methods. Also can apply to boob groping.
When I was ready to finish I asked her to jostle me so I could get maximum enjoyment.
by Jason Piche October 26, 2005
"Dude is this bowl cahsed?"

"Naw, I don't think so. Why don't you give it another jostle?"
by Mister Biggums September 21, 2005
1) Placing your hand near a person's pocket or handbag with intent to steal or attempt to steal that person's wallet, money or other property from their pocket or handbag.

2) Crowding or bumping into a person while an accomplice steals or attempts to steal a wallet, money or other property from that person's pocket or handbag.

3) The act of picking or attempting to pick a pocket or stealing property or attempting to steal property from a person's pocket or handbag.

Origin: Term originated in NYC from the misdemeanor crime of Jostling defined in NY Penal Law 165.25
1) The jostling D's (plainclothes cops or pickpocket detectives) were out in full force on 34th St in NYC looking to bust jostlers and make some jostling collars (arrests).

2) Lisa who is one of the best jostlers in midtown Manhattan made over $1500 Friday jostling on Madison Ave.
by CHRI$ P MONEY January 20, 2021
When you jiggle your body parts on another person.
Emma really Jostled all over Riley last night
by Doggystyle876 June 5, 2017
the act of stroking one's penis rapidly to achieve ejaculation...
jimmy was jostling in the bathroom while his sister's friend was showering.
by Rob March 6, 2005