A pair of shorts made out of jeans (short for jeans shorts) or denim.
Look at that mom! She's wearing jorts instead of capri pants.
by a sybermom September 21, 2005
HIPSTER. Jean shorts. Cut off at the knee, Intended to fray. Usually very tight fitting, and unless worn by adult males above a reasonable age, theyre hot. Dont wear them if youre fat.
Look at that hipster, rollin' in with his jorts and bow tie.
by :):O:P:D:] June 6, 2010
(noun) - a long or short pair of jean shorts for a man. Mostly worn with shorts and hightops.
by Matt Lennon July 30, 2003
Cut-offs. Possible the ugliest article of clothing one can wear. Usually worn by people who do not have friends, because a true friend would tell you that you look like a faggot.
Thomas wears jorts when he leaves the Jort Cave.

Jort wearer - "I think I will wear a pair of jorts today"
Friend - "If you do, I will have to kill you, you faggot"
by jort hater May 4, 2006
Shorts made of denim; jeans that are shorts
Brian: "Fun fact - Isabelle makes up 0.3% of the Animal Crossing population and 100% of the nut stains in my jorts"

Josh: "wtf Brian"
by Cal Cabones November 16, 2020
Jort is a beautiful person from the inside and outside. The way he smiles makes you laugh, and forget every bad thing that is going on in the world. His way of looking at the world is like no other, he cherishes small things like they are the most important thing in the world. And let’s be honest, he is also incredibly good looking. His beauty is very classical, like a greek god or a statue. Everyone wants to know him, be with him, but only the good people will last.
Who is that Greek god she’s with?
- That is Jort.

Calm down! Be like Jort.
by Thenamegiverdeluxe147 November 21, 2021
A person that is named Jort is often seen as Handsome, Intelligent, Funny, Happy, Helpfull, Lovely, Thankfull and most of all an amazing gamer.
That guy is such a Jort!!
by FallenMonster June 6, 2018