jean shorts, such as those worn by male Florida Gator fans at the Georgia-Florida football game.
"Don't talk to him; he's obviously a Florida fan with those jorts he's wearing."

by godawgs March 23, 2006
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The name of an infamous gang who terrorise north London (England). Their motives are unknown, but they are standard super badass. It is thought that NW5 and N20 is their endz, they will sheef up all your friends- don't mess.
guy1: Shit, dude, did you hear another guy got messed up by that JORt gang?

guy2: Fuck, dude, im kicking out of here now, i don't wanna die.
by RtothaC May 12, 2009
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Slang for jean shorts. These are most often worn by the fashion illiterate and the fan base of the University of Florida.

Note: This is the correct spelling; see also jhorts.
Hoff: Nice jorts, Snappanutz.

Snapper: Thanks, Hoffa. I was just too hot in my jeans, so I cut them off. I find the look flattering.
by SnookSniper June 13, 2008
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Jean Shorts. The two words combined make Jorts. They are usually worn by kids, or by your crazy moustached uncle who likes to wrestle with you.
Jacob wore his jorts so he could wrestle with his nephew.
by TheFiend138 April 21, 2015
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Jorts are simply jean shorts. In most cases they are just embaressing, but jorts can be pulled off by certain demographics, such as fathers on family vactions. In addition to being popular with men over forty (who typically are wearing knee socks and sandals) Jorts are also popular with younger men who usually smoke marijuana.
Of course he's a stoner, don't you see the jorts?
by Rick1011 April 11, 2008
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knee length denim shorts, jean shorts
Jorts are a summer garment. If you wear them in cold places during the winter you are obviously not thinking about keeping warm.
by The Return of Light Joker December 24, 2008
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