Shorts with a Jean texture and look. They are usually accompanied by their cousin, the SSBU or Short Sleve Button-Up, and are generally seen as tacky, and rightfully so.
Normal Human 1: Look at that person! he looks horrible in those Jorts.
Normal Human 2: Especially with the golden basketball shoes and SSBU! It just looks terrible.
Normal human 1: Oh no, they're putting on shutter shades now...
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by IT'S PEKO TIME March 24, 2018
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This word in fact does not mean the horrid leg apparel you wore in elementary school, but rather any severe form of genital infection or disease.
Person 1: Yo dude I heard Roy has some serious Jorts!
Person 2: Legit? He better get them checked.
by Mr. Mahjong September 06, 2018
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A very gay person who always likes to fuck other guys in their but.
That guy is a Jort man, yesterday he asked if he can butfuck me...
by Klaas Anker October 01, 2018
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