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A person that appears on Google and Youtube when you want to search for JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.
Person: *searches for JoJo's Bizarre Adventure by typing jojo*
Google: JoJo Siwa
Person: Who the fuck is this
by stixfix August 12, 2019
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jojo siwa, the little bratty blonde girl that was on dance moms who’s hairline is receding and needs some jesus. she’s also talks at the speed of light.
jojo: heywishvsiwoendveikwbevdjwksnbfdhdkbxbd
person 1: what did she say?
person 2: idk man she’s jojo siwa
by goatpenis69 January 13, 2019
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Jojo siwa is a spooky thing. Shes like the demon you see in the corner of your room at night. Her ponytail it legit looks like her scalp. Shes balding at the age of 15. Also when she speaks it sounds like some weird language. Beware of the bows, they will get cha.
Omg last night I saw jojo siwa
Omg me 2 I couldn't understand anything she was saying!
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by AnythingIsPossiblee September 04, 2018
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Jojo Siwa is a scary thing, her videos are not reccomended if you wear headphones!, she became famous from dance moms, but now she is an huge baby with a massive bow, At first people even thought she was related to jake paul, She is also slang word "Adultbabyitus"
Adultbabyitus, Jojo Siwa
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by TrueDictionaryDefo January 04, 2019
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The worst person that you will ever see or hear of. Jojo has no mojo but she loves her bow bows. She’s got a horrible receding hairline and is going to be a little when she is older. She also has ooor grammar.
Example 1. “Djjsaxlleofijwjaalsldk” “what did you just say?” “We can’t understand her, she’s Jojo Siwa”

Example 2. Joke with the bow bow should be a hœ hoe instead of a baby.
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by Nigger In My Bumhole 69420666 January 13, 2019
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