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jojo siwa, the little bratty blonde girl that was on dance moms who’s hairline is receding and needs some jesus. she’s also talks at the speed of light.
jojo: heywishvsiwoendveikwbevdjwksnbfdhdkbxbd
person 1: what did she say?
person 2: idk man she’s jojo siwa
by goatpenis69 January 13, 2019
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the demon you see in your room at night during sleep paralysis
mommy! bow lady is back!”
go away jojo siwa!”
by obviouslyella November 18, 2018
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a young girl who got famous off of Dance Moms and her crazy mom. her song "boomerang" is cancer in its purest form, and she acts like a 9 year old, wearing all pink and huge bows. she will definitely end up a stripper with a name like "jojo"
person 1: ew WHAT ARE YOU WEARING?
person 2: my new JOJO BOW!
person 1: you're SUCH a JoJo Siwa. youre 15 years old!
by jakepaulsucksdick August 03, 2017
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Jojo siwa is a spooky thing. Shes like the demon you see in the corner of your room at night. Her ponytail it legit looks like her scalp. Shes balding at the age of 15. Also when she speaks it sounds like some weird language. Beware of the bows, they will get cha.
Omg last night I saw jojo siwa
Omg me 2 I couldn't understand anything she was saying!
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by Chezfeet September 04, 2018
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a 15-year-old girl who acts like a 11-year-old going through a “girly phase” with a recreeding hairline.
gosh my hairline is ugly!”
“just like jojo siwa!”
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by obviouslyella November 17, 2018
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Though many believe her fame is from Dance Moms, it actually started on Abby Lee’s Ultimate Dance Competition. Siwa has since became a child icon, taking over platforms such as Nickelodeon, Claire’s, and Target clothing. Siwa is known for her EXTREMELY tight pony tail (always wearing a bow to go with). Many wonder how her head doesn’t hurt from this hairstyle, but she doesn’t let the haters get to her as her book states “#PeaceOutHaterz”.
Person 1: Jojo Siwa is my QUEEEEEEEEEN.

Person 2: I want Jojo Siwa to spill ALLLLL the Nickelodeon tea!

Person 3: Is Jojo Siwa’s hair even blonde?
by Jojosiwafan August 26, 2018
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Another f***girl on Dance Moms who, chances are, will end up on either Teen Mom or My 600 Pound Life. She often dresses in disgustingly revealing outfits for her dance performances. Famous only for her crazy mom, she is one of the reasons why white girls get made fun of.
Why are you acting like such a JoJo Siwa to get a boyfriend?
by Urban Dictionary President September 13, 2016
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