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A man who would have brought America out of the complete clusterfuck that has become our country, a la George W. Bush. Republicans feel the need to pick on him, because it's the best defense they can come up with when Democrats point out the obvious shortcomings of the current president, creating an effect similar to the phenomena of when a chimpanzee observes humans using tools, and then tries to use tools in a similar manner.
How the fuck was John Kerry kept out of office?
by allgreek2me2004 April 03, 2006
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John Kerry is a decorated Vietnam veteran, former prosecutor, United States Senator and 2004 Democratic Presidential candidate, who lost to a sitting President during a time of war by a close margin. John Kerry has been in service of others all his life.

Kerry served on a Swift Boat in Vietnam during a period when these boats were used for very dangerous patrols. Kerry saved the life of Jim Rasmussen on one occasion, the lives of his crew on another, and was also responsible for rescuing a number of Vietnamese villagers. Critics who generated partisan attacks on Kerry's military service in 2004, have been largely discredited because of their ties to right-wing groups and acceptance of neocon funding. This kind of dirty politics is now referred to swiftboating, after the group that attacked Kerry.

After Vietnam, Kerry became an anti-war activist. The rancor and division over Vietnam carries into the present. Many Vietnam vets see Kerry as a hero for speaking out, but others retain a bitter hatred toward him because they feel dissent was unpatriotic and that it somehow diminished their service. When Kerry, in his 1971 testimony before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, spoke about the torture and atrocities American soldiers claimed to have committed, he was clear in that he was retelling the stories of other veterans. It is a testament to the extreme polarization over Vietnam that, to this day, that fact escapes the attention of those who inaccurately berate Kerry for accusing our military of atrocities.

Prior to becoming a Senator in Massachusetts, John Kerry earned a law degree, served as an assistant prosecutor and Lt. Governor in Mass. He maintains a critical eye towards crime and authored a book about crime and terrorism called The New War in 1997. Kerry's investigative skills were instrumental in breaking the Iran-Contra and BCCI scandal and, in his law enforcement approach to issues of government corruption and terrorism, Kerry remains ahead of the pack in speaking out on issues before they become popular.

John Kerry is a strong Democrat and he votes for liberal issues such as environmental protections, human rights, civil liberties, social security and lowering taxes for the middle class (but not for the upper class). However, Kerry is a fiscal conservative on the budget and has argued for a pay as you go strategy to government spending. Kerry supports maintaining a strong military and has proposed a wealth of legislation to protect and support veterans, but he does not support engaging in unilateral wars or nation building. Kerry voted to give George W. Bush the authority to use force in Iraq as a last resort, multilateral effort. This vote was based on lies about non-existent WMD that were presented to Congress as fact. In light of the truth being exposed about Iraq and WMD, Kerry has recanted his vote and has been fighting for a plan to withdraw our forces from Iraq by 2007. He also voted for the war in Afghanistan and maintains that this war was necessary for our security. Kerry has publically accused the Bush Administration of cuttting and running in Afghanistan and in the hunt for Osama Bin Laden.

Senator Kerry has been campaigning and raising money for Democrats running in 2006, particularly for veterans who have served in Afghanistan and Iraq. Through his PAC, Keeping Americas Promise, Kerry leads in fundraising for Democrats this election cycle. His e-mail list has grown since 2004 and he is still hugely popular at fundraising and speaking events across the country. People are often surprised when the meet the senator because he is very warm, funny and attractive, contrary to the erroneous impression that was perpetuated in 2004.

Senator Kerry is considering another run for President in 2008. The Senator maintains, however, that the 2006 battle for Congress is the watershed event that will determine the direction of our country and that this year, not 2008, is the priority until after the elections in November.
John Kerry is one of the most personable, down-to-earth, intellectually curious, knowledgeable and compassionate human being I have ever met and there isn't anyone in the world more qualified to be President of the United States of America.

"No American President should be for torture before he's against it." - John Kerry 9/9/06
by DynamicDems September 17, 2006
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John Kerry enlisted in the Navy in 1966. He began his first tour of duty on a guided-missile frigate off the cost of Vietnam. In 1968, John Kerry began his second tour of duty, and volunteered to serve on a Swift Boat, one of the most dangerous assignments of the war. Swift Boats patrolled the narrow inlets and canals around the Mekong Delta to draw fire and smoke out the enemy. Lt. John Kerry's leadership, courage, and sacrifice earned him a Silver Star, the Navy's fifth highest medal, a Bronze Star with Combat V, and three Purple Hearts, awarded for wounds received in combat.

After he returned home he decided he had a responsibility to his friends still serving, the friends he had lost, and his country, to help restore responsible leadership in America. He became a spokesman for Vietnam Veterans Against the War.

After graduating from Law School in 1976, John Kerry went to work as a top prosecutor in Middlesex County, Massachusetts. He took on organized crime and fought for victims' rights.

John Kerry was elected Lieutenant Governor in 1982. In that office, he organized the nation's Governors to combat acid rain that was polluting lakes, rivers, and the nation's water supply. Two years later, he was elected to the United States Senate and he has won reelection three-times since. He is now serving his fourth term, after winning again in 2002.

During his two decades of service, he has fought for fiscal discipline, fought to put 100,000 more cops on America's streets, and fought to modernize and strengthen America's military. He worked with Senator John McCain to investigate American POW/MIAs. He helped provide health insurance for millions of low-income children. He has fought to improve public education, protect our natural environment, strengthen our economy, and increase in the minimum wage. John Kerry has been a tireless champion of funding for veterans' health care.

He ran for president in 2004. He lost only because George Bush stole the election with the help of his friends at Diebold, and other private companies that count the American people's votes.
John Kerry is an American Hero.
by Dr Truth May 08, 2005
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John Kerry: a political hero, a brave and a decent man. THis man could have been the one to save our country, to save our freedom, to save our peace and too save countries overall well-being. It is interesting how not one person has mentioned a nice thing about this hero. And how use of dramtization has come to defend in Bush's honor. I dont think anyone reading, or writing on this woould enjoy serving four months in vietnam. He did not leave due to 3 minor injuries, thats malarky. He had no one to defend for him, and there wasnt a way for him to take a shortcut(unlike some) through this war. He had 3 wounds resulting in him having to leave. Now on to the hero part, he has earned Purple hearts, which no matter how you want to say it he earned by risking his life for some one esles, mock that how you want, but its the truth. He then came back to fight for what he had beleived in, peace and he isnt to blame after being in the war, he saw what no man should see: ruthless killing. He fought for something from his heart, and went out of his way to stop it. Once possible to run for congress he did, throughout his career he continued to fight for all those years. He did not just barely "slip" through college, he was a great student, and a leader(in college he learned to speak, also unlike some others). He is in no way a bad person and anyone willing to mock him too partisan and has to make up things to get to a point. In many of you being republicans, as I can see, dont look at someone as a bad person for what they beleive, give them a chance.
"Too bad john kerry didnt win"
"Ya, I like presidents that can speak"
by patchorama April 08, 2006
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John Kerry is one of the toughest, smartest senators in Congress. When he's not battling the narrow-minded neocon agenda in the Senate, he's holding the Bush Administration's feet to the fire, championing the rights of the average American, speaking and writing on the environment, pushing for a swift end to the war in Iraq, pushing for extended veterans benefits, social justice, world security, fair trade, worker's rights, Internet freedom, helping small business and other important issues.

Kerry is a strong and loyal Democrat and lifelong environmentalist, who was involved in the first Earth Day in 1971, and who continues to fight for our earth over the interests of big oil. With his wife, Teresa Heinz Kerry, the senator has just written a book entitled "This Moment on Earth" which tells the stories of ordinary folks who are making a difference by rolling up their sleeves and doing their part to clean and protect our earth.

Kerry has also been one of the first to call for a timeline to withdraw our troops from Iraq. With Senators Feingold and Boxer, he co-authored the Kerry-Feingold Bill in 2006. Kerry has been one of the most outspoken against George W. Bush's failed policy in Iraq and was the first senator to call for Donald Rumsfeld's resignation.
John Kerry is a great man and one Hell of a senator.
by Political Junkie April 15, 2007
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