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used to describe when something awkward happens that totally changes the mood
(two dudes talking to each other)
A: "Dude the other day I couldn't find any short sleeve shirts or shorts to wear and it was so hot"
B: "That sounds so hot"
A: "Watershed"
by zanilove July 10, 2008
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British Nine o'clock p.m., the dividing line between "family" television programing and "adult" programing. Programing unsuitable for children is broadcast after the Watershed.
He's addicted to porn and he won't bother turning his TV until after the Watershed.
by Erik Ritter November 17, 2007
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This is a place in Delta, BC, Canada. This place has a large variety of bike jumps and obstacles. Some well known trails in there are: The Goats, The Gully, The Gravitybowl, Bender, and the famous Water shed Rock Drop. These trails have been conquered, and tamed by Michael R and Cody L. They are known by many other Water Shed locals.
"Yo man do you wanna shred the water shed today?"
"For shure man that would be pretty hectic."
"sick bro meet me at the gully."
by theflewingeagle November 29, 2010
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