A mechanic who gets brought into a union company without serving a union apprenticeship. Typically a company man with no alliance to his brothers in the field
Look, there’s the clear in under the bosses desk again
by JC3 October 23, 2019
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(adj) To be speechless for an extended period of time in result of a direct verbal attack.
by Grant Burnes October 22, 2008
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When something is way better than another thing
Gunna is clear of carti and yeat
by Snoof177 May 11, 2022
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Yall still at the party?
Yeah, but it kind of dead. We about to clear it.
by madness116 October 11, 2006
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Clear is methamphetaminemes, ice or other shwag methamphetamines comminly used by drug dealers
Yo nigga lets hit up some clear.
by big pimpin February 2, 2005
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Used to indicate that a room does not have hostiles in it.
by Domino October 21, 2009
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