course that will require you to read 1000+ pages per week. will make you wish you could fly. or were super richer. or anything but what you are doing.

beware of the law students that call themselves lawyers and walk around in suits trying to prove to the world and themselves something or another.
Guy 1: DUDE! What is UP with that ugly ass looking bitch over there. Why does she have so many books?
Guy 2: Oh man! She must be taking a law degree!

Girl 1: Oh my god, why the HELL does that guy insist on coming to lecture in a suit all the freakin time!?!
Girl 2: Because he's taking a law degree, as are you. And I only asked how you were to make small talk so stop wasting my time and let me do my reading bitch.
by avalaw October 13, 2008
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Where a political events occurs and people on social media (mainly stay at home moms) voice their opinions and convince other people on their newsfeed that they are correct.
*scrolls through Facebook*
Jane Doe posted, "I personally think that gay marriage should be illegal because it says so in the bible and my husband said it to be true, so I know i'm right."

Viewer: Man, this mom obviously has a Facebook Law Degree since she seems to know everything about everything.
by Borbus Thurmps December 29, 2015
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