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v. - to wander around aimlessly inquiring as to what others are doing. It usually comes as a distraction to others and often involves food.
Example 1: "I was trying to get the shop organized when Rene came Joeling by."
Example 2: "Hey man, want to go Joeling?" "Nah, I've actually got work to do."
by AME Webster1 August 10, 2007
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In street painting, to put in 15 minutes of pavement work per hour. To socialize for 45 minutes and work for 15, yet still manage to finish before anyone else and produce a beautiful painting.
Man, I'm really far behind in my piece today because I've been joeling for most of the day.
by ideawork July 25, 2012
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To be so intoxicated that one starts to wobble and move around without falling to the ground
Marissa wanted to dance at the bar, but because she was joeling, we took her home.
by HellOnHeelz January 28, 2017
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