Rene is the best person you will ever get to know. They can be a he, she, or anything in between. They usually have dark eyes and dark hair, and very supportive. They are kind, special, caring, sweet, and a little bit Satanic. They are also usually strong and athletic. If you have a Rene in your life, you are extremely lucky.
Wow, who's that?

Duh! That's Rene! They're so cool. I wish I was like them.
by Beaker-13-13-13 November 26, 2019
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Rene is the most handsome, loyal, romantic, sweetest guy I've ever met. He will love you with all of his heart. He will NEVER cheat nor use you. He takes his relationship very seriously but loves to hang with his friends and family. If you ever get to be with Rene, you are the most lucky girl on earth. Respect him the way he respects you, love him with all your heart, tell him You love him everyday. You will never find anyone like him. I am so happy I found him.
Girl 1---Have you seen the new guy?
girl 2---Yeah, that's Rene.
by _Cheyenne♡_ August 29, 2017
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A person named Rene is usually a really popular person. A person named Rene is usually really smart too.A person named Rene can also be really funny. A person named Rene may like to play soccer too.
Rene is a really nice guy!
by Maraiscrazy February 18, 2009
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A Rene is always a beyond gorgeous girl and has a amazing personality shes always thinking she's ugly but she's really gorgeous and amazing if u have a friend named Rene she's amazing she loves and cares about her friends very very much she's a amazing person
Rene is amazing and really pretty(Thank you Rene)💖
by 😇hello😇 January 6, 2016
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the most amazing person ever; usually smart
Rene gave us great tickets to the basketball game!
by Sara A. R. February 27, 2007
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A funny, handsome, dorky, smart, and sexy boy. He also happens to be a meme/hug dealer. He’s an amazing friend and an even better prankster.
“Yo did you see Rene?” “Yeah man he’s the best.” “Indeed he is. He’s a baddie like that.”
by yeehaw42069 March 29, 2020
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Pronounced Re-ny; other spellings include Renie, Rennie, Reni

Greek nick-name for "Irene" (ειρήνη); means "peace".

Irene was the name of the Early Christian Martyr; both Irene & Rene were names given to Byzantine empresses after her death.

Often mistaken for the male Scottish name "Renny".

Often mistaken/mispronounced as the male French name Rene' (re-nae), including it's meaning (Rene' = reborn).

Has been abused as a 20th Century American nickname for Doreen, Noreen, Renata, and Serena.

Rene's are incredibly rare and phenomenal women. Their character and principles are unmatched by others, particularly in faithfulness. They triumph over difficulties with their sense of humor and passion. Their virtue is difficult to corrupt. Men often fail to capture their romance. They usually possess gifts and talents in the arts.
If on a day a girl is born,
you find a shiny penny,
You must begin to share your luck,
And name the young girl Rene!
by harmonica6 February 5, 2010
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