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A person named Rene is usually a really popular person. A person named Rene is usually really smart too.A person named Rene can also be really funny. A person named Rene may like to play soccer too.
Rene is a really nice guy!
by Maraiscrazy February 17, 2009
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A person named Rene is typically handsome and well hung. Rene's tend to have a very active sex drive and are known to please woman sexually in a variety of ways.

Gee Ruth, Rene has a Big Dick and he likes to fuck a lot, you are very lucky to have him.
by Chata Fukup October 26, 2006
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Pronounced reen.

An expression that describes the posession of both mental and physical prowise in high abundance.

Haughty or unattainable status.

A godlike example of perfection.
He didn't just do it, he did it to the rene.
by rpetras February 22, 2008
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A Rene is always a beyond gorgeous girl and has a amazing personality shes always thinking she's ugly but she's really gorgeous and amazing if u have a friend named Rene she's amazing she loves and cares about her friends very very much she's a amazing person
Rene is amazing and really pretty(Thank you Rene)đŸ’–
by đŸ˜‡hellođŸ˜‡ April 17, 2016
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Rene' a very awkward person around the boys she likes.

at first she will be very quiet, but once you become friends with her she is a crazy person.
she often doesn't see how pretty she is.
who is tht Rene'. i like never see her talk

no trust me she is a crazy person once you get to know her
by rene6696 December 31, 2012
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