An interesting object/person which looks pleasant in any situation.
Rose 'Look at that nice jobi'
Timmy 'Wow, that is one fine looking jobi right there'.
by rawry101 February 24, 2012
The most kind beatufial girl you will ever meet :o and guess what, SHES MINE >:O!
"Jobie is really sweet"
by AdamSmith August 26, 2008
The art of having sex with a girl then telling her to get the fuck out of your house.
I totally pulled a jobie on that Kaylee chick!
by ziggyian April 1, 2011
Polite way to say retarded... a little special.
Wow that’s pretty jobi...
by R.T. January 8, 2021
Someone who is beautiful, funny, kind, intelligent...well, the list can go on and on.
by Joby February 7, 2004
One of the hardest people to understand, but also the most positive people are named Joby. This person is conflicted with love and claims to have love for everybody but with this love comes commitment like no other. Best described as weird, quirky, funny, confusing,hard working, confident, understanding, straight-forward, protective, private, Jobys can do it all really, as long as you give him a reason.
I feel like Joby is the only person on this planet that actually gets me...
by angela.k. May 9, 2020
1.Marked by or inspring
3.Dearly loved by all
4.Suitable,useful or
desirable<the best producer>
6.Warm Hearted, friendly,generous in nature-
Wow your such a Jobis....
by Mrs.Wade February 11, 2010