one of my best mates i love ehr sooo much but henry and tom are mine and she can have david barnard
lol joking dont go in a stress ! i love u really
by Choco Rocko May 2, 2005
When you shit yourself right before we have to go on the field for a high school band marching festival.
by Tneg March 1, 2019
The act of "jobiing" occurs when you are at a sleepover, in a tent with all your friends and you get the sudden urge to turn around and start beating ur dick, you then procide to seduce one of your homies and start sucking him off, you finish the deed and proceed to say "Welp, I'm never doing that again" hinting at the fact that you don't typically suck your homies dick and aren't planning on doing it again.
"How was your sleepover honey?"
"It was a little weird, this guy just started jobiing another dude all of a sudden"
by Patty2G November 25, 2021
A woman who is dangerously funny but can be extremely focused when needed. Typically skilled with guns. Arch-nemesis to all species of cockroaches.
E.g. You seen Jobie’s boyfriend? He is so handsome.
by SecretAdmira November 22, 2021
Beautiful boy in the world. One of a kind. Special in every way. Touches the lives of everyone he meets
Jobie is a lovely boy
by Goblin fairy November 22, 2021
A flaming Jobi is a phase in sexual intercourse when the male covers his genitalia in Vaseline, dips it in fondue liquid and lights it on fire. Once this is done, the male penetrates a male or a female, in which ever orifice, in order to extinguish the inferno.
Dude, I'm soooo pulling a flaming Jobi off on Catherine. She's kinda scared but I've got experience with pyrotechnics.
by Jobi Jabin Yassif Goseph November 23, 2007
boby joby burger is my very very very best friend for lifeeeeeeee it is also my reigon and my culture, it is also y very famoose contrey in the boby joby world.
boby joby burger is my LIFEEEEEEEE
by BOBYJOBY4LIFEEE April 6, 2017