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A more alliterative and shameful way to describe a losing streak
Phil: The 76ers of the NBA have lost 15 in a row and the games were not even close!
Mike: Yes, they are in quite a sucking streak right now!
by Boxcar Bob March 8, 2014
English inproficient people, most of who are from China and India, that you must call when you are experiencing errors that make a software product unusable. If you can get a person that can speak some slight resemblance of the English language, consider yourself very lucky. Even then 99% percent of the time they will not be of any help whatsoever, and cause further confusion and even more errors.
Bob: This program is not working. Why don't I call Tech Support?
Joe: You mean Tech Suckport.
Bob: Yes
(Bob picks up the phone and dials the number for Tech Suckport)

Tech Suckport: Yellow. Meecrosof Tack Supaut. Ho ceen I hail yu?
Bob: Hello, I'm having this problem with source control in VSS 2005.
Tech Suckport: Wayt? Ee cent har ya?
Bob: Do you know how to speak Engllsh?
Tech Suckport: Ee don eendursta yo? Yo ned tack lauder.
Tech Suckport: Aa. Ingle. I spek vahy god Ingle.
Bob: OK, can you please help me with my problem?
Tech Suckport: Yue prubleeme? Wat prubleeme ees. Plece tai me mah detuh. Ees prubleeme fatulleruh?
Bob: My problem is with Visual Source Safe. Yes it's a fatal error.
Tech Suckport: Oh Visah Sauce Saf. I don no no Sauce Saf. Eys nat mee specsalty. I well geetcowolka huno Sauch Saf.
Bob: Can your coworker speak English?
Tech Suckport: Oh yays. He takeen Eeassellcaws een skull. He leerning god Anglees een Eeassellcaws. I git hem no.
Bob: Never mind. It's hopeless.
Tech Suckport: No eederstend yu senteez. Pless repit.
(Bob slams down the phone)
by Boxcar Bob July 4, 2007
The unavoidable increase of Mexican illegal immigrant population in the United States, especially in Southern states like California. From there it will spread to the rest of the U.S until the Mexicans become the predominant ethnic group in the U.S., the official language will become Spanish, and America will become a third world country.
The family is considering moving out of California. Seeing the slow detorioration of cities around them and hearing the dire predictions that whites will soon become a minority, they know they must either become fluent in Spanish or escape the Mexinvasion.
by Boxcar Bob November 4, 2006
Extremely annoying late spring to early summer (and sometimes all summer long) weather phenomenon in coastal Southern California that causes relentless, damp, dreary, miserable weather with drizzle and fog for weeks without end at the beaches. It sometimes spreads into the mountains. This shocks tourists who come to 'sunny Southern California' to instead find themselves in Alaska. It spoils beach days a'plenty and for most locals is the most dreaded time of the year. Number 1 cause for Seasonal Affective Disorder in Southern California. A.k.a. May Gray.
Tourist from East Coast: We're going to sunny Southern California to celebrate Memorial Day and the start of summer.
(Tourist arrives in San Diego)
Tourist: What's up with this stupid weather. Where is the sun?
Local: This is our June Gloom. We've just entered into winter in San Diego. You'll be very lucky if you see the sun at all the next month.

by Boxcar Bob May 25, 2007
One of those disgusting looking rectangular vehicles like the Scion xB. Most people would never buy such an ugly thing, but some just have strange tastes and preferences
The Laguna Beach youth parked his new Scion xB boxcar in the cul de sac, where it became an eyesore to the neighbors
by Boxcar Bob October 25, 2006
The process of starting the regular school year in August. School used to start in September (after Labor Day) until some fanatical teachers decided that maybe it'd be a good idea to start school before Labor Day. Many inconsiderate, unloving parents agreed with these wicked teachers and it wasn't long before the crimes started being committed all over the United States. Now some schools begin as early as the first week of August.
Kid #1: Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!
Kid #2: What's the problem?
Kid #1: School starts tomorrow, August 9, and it's back to homework, tests, and torture! And it's 100 degrees outside and they have no A.C.
Kid #2: I don't know which is worse - Saturday school, summer school, or August school!
Kid #1: August school (good name) is the worst!
Kid #2: My school still starts in September. Poor you!
by Boxcar Bob August 23, 2008
A hypocritical Democrat or liberal. They became quite noticeable after their dear, sweet scandal-plagued Hillary lost the 2016 Presidential election to Donald Trump. Despite their claims to be tolerant of all people, they hate Trump with a passion and will never accept him as President. Some of them also hate all conservatives. They are blind to their own faults as well as those of Obama and Hillary. They believe Hillary is entitled to be President just because she is a woman.
Example 1
Hillary: (To Trump) If I win and you refuse to accept the election results, that is an unprecedented threat to Democracy.
Democrite: I fully agree with her statement.
(After Hillary loses)
Democrite: (E-Mail to red state Electoral College member) Hillary won the popular vote. You better vote for Hillary or I will kill you.

Example 2
Democrite: Hillary was treated unfairly by the media before the election.
Republican: Are you kidding me? The pro Clinton media made Trump the devil and dismissed nearly every bad thing about Hillary. She was a horrible candidate.
Democrite: That is not true. Russian hacking cost her the election.

Example 3
Democrite: How could you vote for Trump, you racist, sexist, xenophobic, homophobic, Islamophobic bigot?
Republican: I am not a bigot. Hillary committed crimes which the media would not mention.

Democrite: That's a lie. She loves all kinds of people. Love Trumps hate.
Repubilican: She also supports the murder of unborn babies.
Democrite: An unborn baby is not a person, stupid.
Republican: You wouldn't be here today if your mother aborted you.
by Boxcar Bob January 17, 2017