1. small party: what someone calls a party that they don't want a lot of people to come to.

2. gathering: a meeting or social gathering ( informal )
"are you having a party?" "nah just a few people over. it's just a little get-together."
by ian November 24, 2005
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What a person with not enough friends to throw a party calls it when they throw a party.
I'm having a couple people over for a get together later if you want to come. (caution: if someone says this to you, no ones coming)
by Grim Ace August 13, 2006
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When one (who originates from the state of Alabama) assembles those that are in the same family tree, and commits a sexual orgy. These orgies must consist of other sexual innuendos and fantasies such of that as the Alaskan Pipeline, African Goggles, Jersey Meathook, Wisconsin Cheese Wheel, and the Fire Hydrant.
"Dude I just got my sister to join the Alabama Get-together "
"Awesome grandpa!"
"Thanks, lets do one now!"
by Call me "Daddy" December 19, 2016
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when soulja boy tell tell'em chills with his custom made gucci shoes and bags and jewelry
On MTV cribs soulja boy tell'em had a gucci get-together after he showed his 2000 dollar Louie Vutton towel.
by uptheass796 January 11, 2010
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When you and your homies listen to dank rap music and talk about whats good
we had a lit get together bruh
by dumpsterdoug May 18, 2016
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A phrase meaning a casual gathering of friends or family. The expression is often used by a male to a female as an innuendo when one is not actually present. This use appears jokingly before the statement "UD that" to imply that no real definition exists. However, when the curiosity of the recipient gets the better of them, they find that a definition has been created as an elaborate ploy to conduct a joke.
Girl: Hey I haven't seen you in forever!
Guy: Oh yeah, I know. We should totally have a friendly get-together Saturday night at my house, if you know what I mean.
Girl: What?
Guy: Yeah, you and Kelly, Josh, Alex, and Tom should come over to watch some movies.
Girl: Ohhhh.
by JHitrik June 3, 2008
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A code work for a team in a game or just in general. Usually used in a game where teaming is either frowned upon or not allowed.
We were playing an FPS the other night where you're not allowed to team ,but we really wanted to play together and have a great time. We called anyone and everyone who wanted to organize a "smart get-together" because there was an admin on.
by TheSpecter May 27, 2015
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