having the properties, physical or visual, of jizz
man that drink is all jizzy...
by Mario B October 5, 2004
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(adj.) Used to describe something so incredibly awesome, that it makes you jizz everywhere just thinking about it.
"The new Zelda for GameCube looks so fucking jizzy!" - ShadowXOR
by Kaleb.G June 11, 2004
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Stirred emotionally, very excited .
When Nate watched the unveiling of Apple's latest laptop computer, he became quite jizzy about the prospect of owning one.
by mick e May 23, 2009
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An adjective used to describe horny pornstar wannabees who think they can squirt all over your meal before making you eat the crap.
Man, that girl Jessy is so fucking jizzy!
Hope she wants to cock me a meal in the near future.
Yeah, let it be an alma meal.
by the snowmen October 17, 2006
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A couple that is all over each other in large group situations creating an awkward vibe for everyone else present, reminiscent of a public jiz.
Everyone flinched at the idea of inviting the jizzy of the group to the party.
by The_Brothel August 23, 2009
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adj. to describe someone so sexy that they could potentially make you jizz ya pants
yo tom my man, you're looking awfully jizzy today mate
by cheezyyyy December 1, 2021
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can either refer to izzy, as it rhymes with izzy, or it can be a ship name for izzy x anyone with a name starting with j, usually jaxson.

please never ever use it as a ship name
izzy: cocaine shane!
shane: shut up jizzy!
by izzyhighlighter October 19, 2018
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