To be aroused or turned on. To be horny.
"Babe, you got me stirred, especially when you talk like that!"
by Afellowbiscuit45 October 30, 2017
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- A slang word for prison

- Stir is a 19th-century slang term for "prison," which some word historians believe is derived from the Romani stariben, which has the same meaning.
“I was in Brummagem, and was seven days in the new ‘stir’ (prison).” The term “Brummagem” was a local nickname for the English city of Birmingham.

- However, the phrase “in stir” (without the article) was the usual slang term for “in prison.”
by Vabe Tellurion December 19, 2022
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a word that is used alot in The Giver, when a boy or girl when hits the adolesent stage and gets dreams of sexual longing for the other sex.
Mom: " johny what did u dream about last night?"

johny : " well it was about amber and she was in a bikini dancing infront of me"

Dad: "looks like someone got their stirrings!"

by smackdatsoujaboy March 26, 2008
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A word used in The Giver, when a male or female has a wet dream or sexual dream about the opposite gender.
Boy: I had a dream i was bathing Jessica last night.
Mom: looks like someone there stirrings last night
by Theterrarian May 17, 2016
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prison. romany word 'staripen', an immovable thing or place from which you cannot move, ultimately connecterd to the word 'stasis'
he's doing stir
by klidenengro January 30, 2004
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To move a spoon or other implement around in a liquid or other substance in order to mix it thoroughly.
by Definitive Positive April 16, 2020
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Australian slang; Sydney (verb): to tease someone playfully about something which they are usually innocent of. For example, teasing someone about being lazy, when you actually don't think they are lazy, but just want to see their reaction.
I was just stirring him when i called him an idiot. I didn't really mean it
by schlongking April 26, 2011
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