A scottish slang exclamation. Same use as words like "cripes" or "---sakes". Also used to swear by.
By jings! This is terrible!

Jings, crivvens, rot and excrement!
by C Agnew August 19, 2007
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1.(noun) a female ninja, a panda, a crazy spazz, a dragon
2.(verb) Action that involves with total ownage in something.
3.(adjective) word describing weird, random, crazy, multitalented, multi-tasker, PROcrasntinator, dragon
1. Jing Jing is panda.
2. I totally Jing Jing'ed you in poker.
3. Dude did you see that Jing Jing kid? She's so weird.
by facebookuser January 19, 2009
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Jing jing is a girl who sleeps on silk soft pillows and loves #sleepovers !! she’ll always kiss your babies and dye her hair
look, her hair is dyed, that’s so

jing jing
by notthatgaylmao August 7, 2018
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When a very skilled ninja shapeshifts into a ferocious dragon and breathes out azul hot blue fire and roasts the enemy (like a coffee bean).
You just got jinged by that cool dragon!
by KAPOW!!! June 10, 2013
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That guy is a sexy Jinge aka Jason Molloy
by Jinge March 11, 2013
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To ejaculate or cum. Masturbation followed by ejaculation.
Dude, dont jing on my floor you fuck.
by Shayne March 11, 2005
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