An interchangeable word for gay.
1- have you seen James has a boots loyalty card?
2- yeah he's such a Jing!
by Action man August 24, 2012
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An anime character known as the Bandit King. He's also really hot.
I watched the King Of Bandit Jing DVD last night and it was awesome!
by Kagome August 13, 2004
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Bling, bling.
Phat lewt.
Yo, biatch, gimme some o' dat jing! Damn straight you be owin' me money for all that head I gave your dad last night!
by sm December 13, 2003
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Jing is a South African term for cheap weed. Often duplicated: jing jing.

Used to indicate the cheapness of other things or people, or to indicate disappointment.

When used often by a close social circle, jing can also become a positive term, usually to identify and alienate/confuse outsiders.
"Hahaha what jing jing!"

"That's the smallest burger I've ever seen! McDonalds jing jing."

My PC crashes and won't start. "Jing jing..."

"Ah that's so jing - I love it..."
by Awechi May 11, 2010
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1. To perform perfectly at something
2. To master in less than 5 minutes
3. Being defeated by someone who can accomplish either of the first two definitions
4. A skilled terran player, particularly adept at using siege weaponry
5. Someone who sometimes gets lost in parking lots at national science competitions
Oh, wow--I totally Jinged this test.
by anonymous July 12, 2004
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A person whose car costs more than their house or apartment.
"He's such a jing. He owns a BMW but lives with his mom."
by Damian Holter December 28, 2006
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